Anything Goes Pesto

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Dips & Spreads, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Recipes, Ten Minutes or Less

Photo by Hannah Burne

Pesto has always been one of my favourite things to make (and eat..!).

It’s such a great addition to so many recipes, or just on its own with some crackers on the side.

I love making different kinds, from whichever fresh herbs, nuts, and seeds are available in my kitchen.

This is a great way to add greens to your diet – or sneak it into your kids’ foods – and a wonderful use of herbs that may not look so great anymore, but are still packed with flavour.


Prep time: 10 minutes
Makes 1½ cups


Nut free Gluten free

(Nut free optional)


  • 4½ cups fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, basil, or a mix of different herbs)*
  • ⅔ cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • ⅔ cup nuts or seeds (almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or a mix of different nuts & seeds)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ¼ tsp ground pepper

* You can use chopped fresh nettles or kale for an extra nutritional boost.


Process all ingredients in a food processor, scraping the sides of the food processor as needed.

Place into a jar and top with 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Sometimes I like to make a big batch of pesto, and freeze it in small containers – then once a week or 2, I defrost one container (overnight, in the fridge) and have it ready to go by the morning time!


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