Vegan Desserts – Online Vegan Cooking Class

I invite you to join me for an extra delicious class – learn how to make beautiful, mouthwatering vegan desserts!

Enjoy an intimate experience at your own home, as we meet new ingredients and flavours, learn helpful kitchen tips,  and prepare delicious recipes from scratch, in a wonderful hands-on experience!


All recipes are 100% vegan

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Included in this Class

  1. Strawberry-Lemon Pie 
  2. Cardamom Rose Chocolates
  3. Mango Coconut Lime Sorbet
  4. Chocolate Halva Babka
  5. Hello To The Queen 
  6. Pistachio Halva Ice Cream 
  7. Malabi 
  8. Avocado Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Special Notes

  • Blender
  • Food processor (needed for 1 recipe: Strawberry Lemon Pie)

All recipes in this class can be made gluten-free (except for 1 recipe: Chocolate Halva Babka

All recipes in this class can be made nut-free (except for 1 recipe: Strawberry Lemon Pie)

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