Roni’s Kitchen Cookbook (Pre-Order)


Enjoy recipes from my food journeys around the world!

In June 2019 I successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign for my first cookbook – we are now in the process of making this book come to life.

This book will be featuring some of my favourite recipes and the stories behind them.

I love sharing my knowledge (this is why I love teaching cooking classes..) and I want the readers to enjoy the recipes and re-create them, but also to enjoy those stories behind them.. stories that can take you to a far away land for an afternoon.

There will be recipes from the different projects I have created in the past few years – the brunch pop-up, the weekly meal service, and my cooking classes, as well as some family recipes and recipes I discovered and created on my travels.

So now I have all these amazing recipes and I want to share them with YOU!

This book will have some easy and quick recipes as well as some fancier ones, but I can promise you this – they will all be delicious…

For updates on the progress of the creation of the book, you can visit the crowdfunding page.

Estimated completion date: December 2019!

Pre-order your copy today!